man's hands working on electrical wires

Electrical & Instrumentation

We provide professional electrical and instrumentation services with expertise in low and medium voltage installations of conduit and cabling, testing check-out, start-up and commissioning replacement. 

We are the leading provider of high quality, power, control, and process automation services, as well as premier provider of specialty (I&E) services for process industries throughout the US.

We offer a group of highly tenured, trained managers, licensed field supervisors and licensed craftsmen who share the philosophy that power distribution, process control and safety control should be installed and maintained by experienced I&E specialty contractors.

Our projects are managed using sophisticated scheduling and productivity tools we’ve developed in-house. We have completed multiple projects in a variety of industries, and we are dedicated to completing your project on time, on budget and with a firm resolve for safety of personnel, equipment and the environment.

Certified Specialty Services

  • Industrial & Pipeline Instrumentation
  • Industrial & Pipeline Electrical
  • Control & Start-Up
  • Turnaround
  • Capital Projects
  • Project Management & Supervision

Maintenance Services

  • Fabrication
    • Measurement & Flow Control Skids
    • Orifice
    • Ultrasonic
    • Coriolis
    • Positive Displacement (PD)
    • Turbine Meters
  • Complete Instrumentation & Electrical Packages
    • Skid Installation
    • RTU Packages
    • Chromatograph Buildings & Communications
  • Alterations & Refurbishing of Existing Meter Skids
  • Meter Inspections & Repairs
  • Installation of Meter Skids on Location
  • Qualified Instrumentation & Electrical (I&E) Technicians